Saturday, July 10, 2010


If you know your ASCII, that's EOT, "end of text".

Time to be honest with myself: I can't keep two blogs going. So many things have happened lately: the end of Mammatus, the rise of Tuck, Minka Pearl's ongoing work on her new sim, more new outfits for the well-endowed from many clothiers, Juggernutz Ivanovic's sweet inflation HUD... and I've yet to tell you of any of it or put up photos.

So, my intentions were good, but they became that proverbial road... and Maggie Bluxome's excellent new blog serves the purpose far better. (And I'm denying those srizonified spammers a venue. "I bite my thumb, sir.")

Thank all of you who've followed this blog and read it. I will continue with Livin' La Vida Segunda, and Maggie's said I can contribute to her blog. (That's quite a standard to live up to.) So it's not "ave et vale", just closing up shop here. Thank you all (except for those spammers!) again.