Thursday, January 28, 2010

Foxbean Laboratories Releases Nadine 1.5

It's official. Foxbean Laboratories has released version 1.5 of the "Nadine" prim breasts, with a clothing layer. In some of the photos I've taken recently I've used them. (I couldn't resist.)

Outfits that have textures designed to go with eBoobs prim breasts have worked very well with them; for example, Nanami's "Miss Jane":

...and I can go back and wear all the outfits I used back in the days when I just directly painted the breasts, too!

To be official, I quote the information that accompanies the new breasts:

"You can use eBoobs/eCorp and MultiClothing implant clothing applicators to apply textures to the clothing layer of these breasts.

"Because of differences in the design of the breasts, we cannot guarantee that clothes designed for eBoobs or any other brand will fit perfectly on BitTits. Manual adjustments of the texture settings can sometimes correct the fit."

So... now I don't have to choose between the shape that I love and the tops that are made for prim breasts any more. (I hope that clothiers will start to mention when their work is Nadine 1.5 compatible.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Figures

One thing that I have to admit didn't occur to me when I began to regularly use prim breasts is adjusting my shape, save for running the breast size slider down to zero to avoid interfering with the prim breasts. That's arguably an oversight on my part.

Today I found a store, It Figures, which specializes in "shapes for the top-heavy". The shapes in question are voluptuous and look quite nice. Do check them out. The store I found is in the Titty Bar Mall; watch for updates if I find other locations.

UPDATE: There's also an It Figures store at Mammatus Mall.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Custom Top Matches by Thirra Huntress

If you go to the [Thirteen] main store, you'll find a lovely poster advertising "Custom Top Matches by Thirra Huntress". Ms. Huntress offers her services creating textures that will let you wear a top of your choice with eCorp prim breasts. The notecard that the poster will offer you if you click on it gives details; some tops are more difficult to match than others.

It's good to see more people offering this service. Thank you, Thirra!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Upcoming from Foxbean Laboratories

A new release from Foxbean Laboratories is imminent. Watch this space.