Saturday, July 10, 2010


If you know your ASCII, that's EOT, "end of text".

Time to be honest with myself: I can't keep two blogs going. So many things have happened lately: the end of Mammatus, the rise of Tuck, Minka Pearl's ongoing work on her new sim, more new outfits for the well-endowed from many clothiers, Juggernutz Ivanovic's sweet inflation HUD... and I've yet to tell you of any of it or put up photos.

So, my intentions were good, but they became that proverbial road... and Maggie Bluxome's excellent new blog serves the purpose far better. (And I'm denying those srizonified spammers a venue. "I bite my thumb, sir.")

Thank all of you who've followed this blog and read it. I will continue with Livin' La Vida Segunda, and Maggie's said I can contribute to her blog. (That's quite a standard to live up to.) So it's not "ave et vale", just closing up shop here. Thank you all (except for those spammers!) again.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strange Blogger feature

Sad to say, this blog has been a victim of comment spam. I've changed some settings that should cut down on it, and I apologize for my oversight in not having it present from the beginning.

Cleaning up said spam turns up something weird: you can totally delete comments, but they still appear in the count when you look at the blog. When you click to see what comments there are, nothing show up! So, I apologize also for that misleading display, but I don't think I can do anything about it.

BUSTed magazine now on the stands

I'm pleased to announce that the first issue of BUSTed is on the stands.

It comes in book form. Wear it, and the cover appears. You can open it and page through it... and even scale it up or down. That's a must for me, with my aging eyes, but even if your lenses are more accommodating, you'll want to enlarge it, because the photographs are gorgeous. (Future issues will have even more functionality, including links to the web.)

Editor Cole Deischer invited me to BUSTed's elegantly minimalist offices and we had a lovely chat. Krystel Kayo will be co-editor of future issues, and Mr. Deischer looks forward to making the magazine even better in the future. I will write more as I have time to look more closely at the magazine, but what I've seen so far is beautiful.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming soon: BUSTed magazine

Recently a dear friend, Maggie Bluxome, gave me a notecard announcing a new magazine for SL, BUSTed. I should simply quote the notecard concerning its subject matter:
Each issue of BUSTed will feature photo layouts of several busty models per issue, ads for clubs, clothes, and attachments, as well as contributor articles which include reviews of clothiers, implant makers, clubs, fiction, art, or stories relating to busty ladies and their adventures in SL!
Cole Deisher is the man behind the project, and he's looking for models and contributors. If you run a business that might benefit from advertising in BUSTed, you should know that there's a special offer for businesses that will host a distribution kiosk:
For the premiere issue advertising special, I will include a full page ad for any business that agrees to host a distribution kiosk their land. (Each kiosk is only 7 prims and updated once every 24 hours so there is minimal lag) You simply provide the full-perm texture for the ad and I will provide a copy/trans kiosk. I can color-match the kiosk to your place of business on request.
P.S. If you don't already read Maggie's blog, A Little Sweet, A Little Naughty, then you should. Maggie is sweet, beautiful even for SL, where everybody can be beautiful, and she finds and models amazing outfits.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best wishes to Minka

If you've been following Minka Pearl's blog, you know that she's taken down her store and sim. It's a good thing; she's off to an internship in RL, and will be back in the fall. From what I've read, I expect she'll be back full of wonderful ideas and things to create.

So, all the best to you, Minka. See you this fall in Boobytropolis.

Monday, April 26, 2010

UpFront 2

Janey Vansant has a store up and running at Busty Village Mall (Phaedra 87, 48, 31). You'll find a variety of outfits there, but my favorite has to be the lingerie. I couldn't resist buying two colors, and will probably go back and buy the others as well.

Here's a photo--it's Boobquake day, so I dressed immodestly. :) I should mention that in one respect: I am not showing the lingerie to best advantage, as my size of preference means the straps don't look right.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Shops @ EPIC

If you go to EPIC, you'll find The Shops @ EPIC but a short walk (or teleport, if you wish) away. There you will see a clean, well-lighted place with vendors from various prim breast and prim breast clothing makers, including beautiful lingerie from Janey Vansant. Janey is a wonderful lady who's been in Second Life, making and selling prim breasts and tops for them, from the days before sculpted prims and the other improvements we take for granted today.

Be sure to check out The Shops @ EPIC.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bart Seymour interview

Big Booby Girls in Second Life has an interview with Bart Seymour, the founder of Implant Nation. Mr. Seymour has pioneered several advances in the art of prim breasts in Second Life, and you will want to read the interview.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Support for Foxbean Laboratories Nadine 1.5

I have good news: Amazon Designs and Boobie Tops now support Foxbean Laboratories Nadine 1.5 prim breasts. Just to be above board and up front, I confess to a bias in this regard: I personally use the Nadine prim breasts, and Foxbean is a dear friend... but clothiers supporting more prim breasts is surely a good thing whatever one's personal choices. Thank you!

Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm remiss in not writing about Lolas! (Is the exclamation point part of the name?)

Lolas are prim breasts with a shape that one could argue is more realistic or natural than other prim breasts. To try to give you an idea, here's a photo. (This is with a turtleneck that is not part of the Lolas package.)

They don't have a HUD--one less thing to have to put on and take off. Instead, you control them by touching them, which brings up a menu with options to control size, skin tint, clothing (one can choose from a number of styles of top that go with tops that come with the breasts), and clothing color.

(One nice thing about the size adjustment is that you have a choice of fine, medium, and coarse control: plus or minus one, five, or ten percent. That's a feature I'd like to see more widespread.)

You get a lot of stuff with Lolas, including a package for developing tops that work with them. Nanami has recently announced support for Lolas. If you're considering prim breasts or would like a different shape, by all means give them a look.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Implant Nation web site

I've hesitated for a while to provide a link to the Implant Nation web site, because when I've visited it before, it's been broken: a home page with links that promise more information but turn out to go nowhere.

I'm happy to say that it looks like the site is undergoing renovation. The links go to pages that clearly aren't yet finished... but at least they go to pages that exist. I look forward to the site's completion. Implant Nation has raised the bar considerably for prim breast capabilities and user interface, and it deserves a good web site.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Foxbean Laboratories Releases Nadine 1.5

It's official. Foxbean Laboratories has released version 1.5 of the "Nadine" prim breasts, with a clothing layer. In some of the photos I've taken recently I've used them. (I couldn't resist.)

Outfits that have textures designed to go with eBoobs prim breasts have worked very well with them; for example, Nanami's "Miss Jane":

...and I can go back and wear all the outfits I used back in the days when I just directly painted the breasts, too!

To be official, I quote the information that accompanies the new breasts:

"You can use eBoobs/eCorp and MultiClothing implant clothing applicators to apply textures to the clothing layer of these breasts.

"Because of differences in the design of the breasts, we cannot guarantee that clothes designed for eBoobs or any other brand will fit perfectly on BitTits. Manual adjustments of the texture settings can sometimes correct the fit."

So... now I don't have to choose between the shape that I love and the tops that are made for prim breasts any more. (I hope that clothiers will start to mention when their work is Nadine 1.5 compatible.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Figures

One thing that I have to admit didn't occur to me when I began to regularly use prim breasts is adjusting my shape, save for running the breast size slider down to zero to avoid interfering with the prim breasts. That's arguably an oversight on my part.

Today I found a store, It Figures, which specializes in "shapes for the top-heavy". The shapes in question are voluptuous and look quite nice. Do check them out. The store I found is in the Titty Bar Mall; watch for updates if I find other locations.

UPDATE: There's also an It Figures store at Mammatus Mall.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Custom Top Matches by Thirra Huntress

If you go to the [Thirteen] main store, you'll find a lovely poster advertising "Custom Top Matches by Thirra Huntress". Ms. Huntress offers her services creating textures that will let you wear a top of your choice with eCorp prim breasts. The notecard that the poster will offer you if you click on it gives details; some tops are more difficult to match than others.

It's good to see more people offering this service. Thank you, Thirra!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Upcoming from Foxbean Laboratories

A new release from Foxbean Laboratories is imminent. Watch this space.