Monday, April 26, 2010

UpFront 2

Janey Vansant has a store up and running at Busty Village Mall (Phaedra 87, 48, 31). You'll find a variety of outfits there, but my favorite has to be the lingerie. I couldn't resist buying two colors, and will probably go back and buy the others as well.

Here's a photo--it's Boobquake day, so I dressed immodestly. :) I should mention that in one respect: I am not showing the lingerie to best advantage, as my size of preference means the straps don't look right.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Shops @ EPIC

If you go to EPIC, you'll find The Shops @ EPIC but a short walk (or teleport, if you wish) away. There you will see a clean, well-lighted place with vendors from various prim breast and prim breast clothing makers, including beautiful lingerie from Janey Vansant. Janey is a wonderful lady who's been in Second Life, making and selling prim breasts and tops for them, from the days before sculpted prims and the other improvements we take for granted today.

Be sure to check out The Shops @ EPIC.