Monday, November 9, 2009


So far I've seen a couple of items for prim breasts made to go with a particular mainstream outfit. I desperately need to take better notes, because I can't remember the maker of one of them; the other is a Foxbean Laboratories product designed to work with a particular business suit.

I hope that happens more often. (There is a company, Sharp Dressed Tits, that does custom adaptations to third-party outfits of your choice.) My dream is to be able to walk into someplace like Nicky Ree, RFyre, or the Crystal Queendom and be able to buy anything I please, knowing I can use it with my prim breasts.


  1. I sent the owner of Sharp Dressed Tits a notecard asking about a particular request but never heard back. Are they still in business?

  2. I can make outfits to possibly match your store bought ones. Some I can do others not to easy. you can Im me and show me if you want.

    Minka pearl

  3. Maggie: I'll see what I can find out about SDT.

    Minka: I will get in touch with you. Crystal Queendom gowns are VERY ornate... but OTOH, I have some simpler outfits I'd love to wear again.