Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not just clothing... jewelry issues

Earlier this evening I decided to wear some emerald jewelry. I bought a pretty and not-too-expensive set, and put it on...

...and saw that I'd forgotten that it's not just tops that are problematic for prim breast users.

Necklaces typically attach to the chest, where prim breasts obviously attach. So the first thing you have to do is change the attachment point to the spine (no wings for you!) and then edit so that it has spine-relative coordinates and orientation putting it in the same position as the old chest-relative coordinates and orientation.

We're good then, right? Um, maybe.

Think of the surface that has the necklace as its boundary. Typically its highest point will be where it rests behind your neck, and it will descend, gently at first, and then more sharply--on most people, at least.

On some of us who use prim breasts, that will put the most decorated portion of the necklace inside our bosom. We, therefore, have to edit some necklaces piece by piece so that they lie properly on the bosom, rather than looking as though they drilled into us. Good luck making sure it's symmetric!

Is it any wonder that we constrain ourselves to necklaces that are at most a few steps from being chokers?

So, please, jewelers: when you script your necklaces, please give some thought to making that curve describing the way the necklace falls on the torso easily adjustable.

UPDATE: The Emerald SL client does something that essentially doubles the number of attachment points, but they only behave as advertised if observed using Emerald; attachments at the new points won't look right to people using other clients. Darn it.

UPDATE: There are some prim breasts that come in chest-attaching and spine-attaching versions; the latter are necklace friendly, but OTOH you're still out of luck for being a well-endowed fairy with a necklace.

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