Thursday, December 3, 2009

On Modesty

In the past I've joked about being modest by virtue of incompetence, i.e. I didn't know enough about UV mapping or was too lazy to experiment with texturing to create a texture for a top with prim breasts and decolletage. (Or both.)

Now that there are clothiers who cater to (most!) prim breast users, though, I'm modest by choice. Part of it's the theory that when the meter is a reasonable unit for measuring one's cleavage, one needn't call attention to one's bosom. Better to distract with something low cut in back, or to favor one's legs. But another part is self-respect; I don't care to wear a T-shirt announcing myself to be a slut or the like. (I have to admit I've been tempted to commission a T-shirt that says "Gee, your breasts are small", but I've not succumbed.)

Low cut can be lovely, but I don't wish to expose my nipples or areolae, and whenever I see those shirts that display the lower portion of one's breasts, they just look like they weren't laundered properly and shrank. The above is about as daring as I would ever be (aside from visits to nude beaches or the Minoan Empire)... but it seems that many clothiers who cater to prim breast users concentrate on very immodest clothing. (I'm very grateful for those who also sell items for the more modest.)

What do you think? I am certainly not privy to the sales figures for any business, but I'd love to know whether I'm unusual in my preferences.

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  1. Amen to that! Large and busty does not mean loose and slutty.

    To me, it's not just the skimpy t-shirts but the nice blouses that are stretched at the buttons. Seems a bit extreme...but there's a market for that, I suppose. :)