Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank you, Tenyene

Today I had the pleasure of visiting EPIC and chatting with its owner, Tenyene Beaumont. She's doing some wonderful things for prim breast users, though I think the office she's set up for consultations with those who express interest in adjusting their bosom is the most wonderful.

(Simulblogging again... sigh. Got to avoid that in the future.)

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  1. You're very welcome. Let's see how many comments I can cover all at once...

    I use AV Painter, but it's built in painting tools are very limited so I use it for creating rough drafts and checking the progress of what I've been working on in Photoshop.

    As for stretchable prim breast textures, some people have found a way to stretch the existing top texture over the implants, but this leads to the same problem you have with regular breasts. Once you go past a certain size, the top gets jaggy and pixelated. The tops for all of my outfits are a full 1024x1024 texture (ow! my graphics card) hand-painted by me and designed to look good even at extreme sizes.

    There. That's at least 3 posts covered, and now I desperately need to locate that first pot of coffee.