Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye, Busty Dream Girls Mall

I am sorry to say that the Busty Dream Girls Mall is no more. However, there is a collection of vendors for prim breast related items in the back of Double D's Strip & Escort Club at ZI Tropical Paradise 97, 162, 22. I will update this message with the vendors there as soon as possible.

Monday, November 9, 2009


So far I've seen a couple of items for prim breasts made to go with a particular mainstream outfit. I desperately need to take better notes, because I can't remember the maker of one of them; the other is a Foxbean Laboratories product designed to work with a particular business suit.

I hope that happens more often. (There is a company, Sharp Dressed Tits, that does custom adaptations to third-party outfits of your choice.) My dream is to be able to walk into someplace like Nicky Ree, RFyre, or the Crystal Queendom and be able to buy anything I please, knowing I can use it with my prim breasts.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who makes clothes for what

The following is a list of clothiers and whose prim breasts they support. I will do my best to keep it complete and accurate, and invite additions and corrections.

At least initially, I won't include the prim breast makers themselves, who all make at least some tops for their products. I include Smashing Prims and Titillation because their emphasis is on the clothing; each outfit of interest to us includes prim breasts textured appropriately for the outfit.

Also, again recall that where we refer to support for Implant Nation, we mean the "multiclothing" and "universal" prim breasts.

[13]SINS: eCorp
Amazon Designs: eCorp, iBoob, Icon, Implant Nation, Sensations
Big Breast Sluts: Implant Nation
BL Design: Implant Nation, Sensations
Boobie Tops: eBoobs, Implant Nation
Busty Goddess: Implant Nation
Clothes by Ricy Babii: Implant Nation
Epic Proportions: eCorp, Implant Nation
MinkaMade: eCorp, Implant Nation
Nanami: eCorp, iBoob, Implant Nation
Princess Tops: Implant Nation
P.S. Design: Implant Nation
Ravishing Racks: eCorp, Icon, Implant Nation, Lolas, Sensations
Schuffel+Schism: eCorp, Implant Nation
Simply Orgasmic: Implant Nation
Smashing Prims: Smashing Prims
Titillation: Titillation
XXL Top Design: Implant Nation

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Asian dress from Princess Tops

Shoes (Aphrodite Creations Vintish gold) and leggings not included.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not just clothing... jewelry issues

Earlier this evening I decided to wear some emerald jewelry. I bought a pretty and not-too-expensive set, and put it on...

...and saw that I'd forgotten that it's not just tops that are problematic for prim breast users.

Necklaces typically attach to the chest, where prim breasts obviously attach. So the first thing you have to do is change the attachment point to the spine (no wings for you!) and then edit so that it has spine-relative coordinates and orientation putting it in the same position as the old chest-relative coordinates and orientation.

We're good then, right? Um, maybe.

Think of the surface that has the necklace as its boundary. Typically its highest point will be where it rests behind your neck, and it will descend, gently at first, and then more sharply--on most people, at least.

On some of us who use prim breasts, that will put the most decorated portion of the necklace inside our bosom. We, therefore, have to edit some necklaces piece by piece so that they lie properly on the bosom, rather than looking as though they drilled into us. Good luck making sure it's symmetric!

Is it any wonder that we constrain ourselves to necklaces that are at most a few steps from being chokers?

So, please, jewelers: when you script your necklaces, please give some thought to making that curve describing the way the necklace falls on the torso easily adjustable.

UPDATE: The Emerald SL client does something that essentially doubles the number of attachment points, but they only behave as advertised if observed using Emerald; attachments at the new points won't look right to people using other clients. Darn it.

UPDATE: There are some prim breasts that come in chest-attaching and spine-attaching versions; the latter are necklace friendly, but OTOH you're still out of luck for being a well-endowed fairy with a necklace.

"These are the good old days..."

By the way, did you notice just how many vendors we listed in the previous post? As of the time I type this, I think it comes to thirty-one, and again as of the time I type this, you'll note that Implant Nation and Smashing Prims aren't there.

So, to all of you vendors (and to those I've missed; I promise I will rectify that mistake), thank you! I am more grateful to you than I can possibly say. Big hugs to you all.