Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming soon: BUSTed magazine

Recently a dear friend, Maggie Bluxome, gave me a notecard announcing a new magazine for SL, BUSTed. I should simply quote the notecard concerning its subject matter:
Each issue of BUSTed will feature photo layouts of several busty models per issue, ads for clubs, clothes, and attachments, as well as contributor articles which include reviews of clothiers, implant makers, clubs, fiction, art, or stories relating to busty ladies and their adventures in SL!
Cole Deisher is the man behind the project, and he's looking for models and contributors. If you run a business that might benefit from advertising in BUSTed, you should know that there's a special offer for businesses that will host a distribution kiosk:
For the premiere issue advertising special, I will include a full page ad for any business that agrees to host a distribution kiosk their land. (Each kiosk is only 7 prims and updated once every 24 hours so there is minimal lag) You simply provide the full-perm texture for the ad and I will provide a copy/trans kiosk. I can color-match the kiosk to your place of business on request.
P.S. If you don't already read Maggie's blog, A Little Sweet, A Little Naughty, then you should. Maggie is sweet, beautiful even for SL, where everybody can be beautiful, and she finds and models amazing outfits.

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