Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BUSTed magazine now on the stands

I'm pleased to announce that the first issue of BUSTed is on the stands.

It comes in book form. Wear it, and the cover appears. You can open it and page through it... and even scale it up or down. That's a must for me, with my aging eyes, but even if your lenses are more accommodating, you'll want to enlarge it, because the photographs are gorgeous. (Future issues will have even more functionality, including links to the web.)

Editor Cole Deischer invited me to BUSTed's elegantly minimalist offices and we had a lovely chat. Krystel Kayo will be co-editor of future issues, and Mr. Deischer looks forward to making the magazine even better in the future. I will write more as I have time to look more closely at the magazine, but what I've seen so far is beautiful.

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  1. Some locations where you may find kiosks are Boobie Tops, International Design or even my own land I added a kiosk. :)


    I'd also be happy to hand out copies if you see me online. :)