Saturday, October 17, 2009

Embarrassing bug with shadows enabled

I've been using (various; lately I've leaned towards Emerald and Snowglobe) SL clients with shadows enabled. Shadows don't quite work, but when they do they're wonderful. Two bugs stand out:
  • shadows wreck snapshots; they're saved as all black
  • shadows cause textures with alpha to seemingly randomly flicker into and out of view
What does this have to do with prim breasts? Well... the recent wonderful efflorescence of tops that work with prim breasts are based on having a "clothing layer" that surrounds the prim breasts. For anything but the most demure and modest outfit, it will have to have alpha enabled to show whatever amount of skin... which means that for those who have shadows enabled, they will occasionally disappear. For modesty's sake, let's hope LL fixes this one quickly...

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