Monday, October 26, 2009

Latex suits from Eclectic Randomness

I've owned Eclectic Randomness's prim breasts w/latex top for some time, but I've always wanted a latex suit made to work well with it. (Until SL really supports proper emulation of the way light reflects off surfaces, creators have to paint on highlights and the like, and different creators do so enough differently to make the mismatch stick out.)

They've finally done it. Alas, while the prim breasts and top change colors, the latex suits don't--you'll have to buy one of each color that appeals to you. I like the results. (Oh, yes... the stiletto heels in the photo don't come with the suit; they're the wonderful 11" stilettos from VvB.)

UPDATE: Lest I give the wrong impression: the latex suits do not come with a prim breast top.

ADDENDUM: If you look at the full-sized version, you'll see that some of the details near the collar aren't visible. That is purely my doing, given the size I have the prim breasts set to.

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